About Us

One of the world's most prestigious integrated oceanfront marina residential communities, Sentosa Cove is the centrepiece of Singapore's billion-dollar Master Plan for Sentosa Island. Sentosa Cove Pte Ltd (SCPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Sentosa Development Corporation, a government statutory board was established to undertake the master planning, infrastructure development, project management, and land sales of Sentosa Cove.

Vision of Sentosa Cove

From the beginning, Sentosa Cove was destined to be primarily a resort residential zone – the only such area on the island – though it would also include a hotel resort, yacht club and marina. As Sentosa matured into a leading leisure destination, Sentosa Cove would become the residence of choice for those who would enjoy having an island resort as their playground.

In refining its blueprint for a premier waterfront community, Sentosa Development Corporation enlisted the expertise of foreign consultants, drawing upon the best of their varied experiences with seaside developments around the world.


  • 1986 Cabinet approved plans for redevelopment of Buran Darat Island (part of Sentosa Cove)
  • 1992 First master planner Bernard Spoerry was engaged to conceptualise Sentosa Cove as a vision for waterfront living
  • 1993 The Master Plan for Sentosa Cove was approved by URA
  • 1996 The Master Plan was reviewed and modified by McKerrel Lynch and subsequently by Klages Carter Vail
  • 2003 First Sale of Site
  • 2006 Completion of first residence